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Classes and timetables Nottingham Trent University.
How to join. For our Online Classes, please note that booking a space on the NTU Sport App will not give you automatic access to the online classes. To join our online classes you will need to request to join our Microsoft Teams page to gain access.
Drama Acting Classes for Young Children Age 4 - 7 Perform.
Perform drama classes for 4-7 year olds run in over 300 venues across the UK all offering the same unique mix of fun and lively activities that have been the hallmark of our success. Classes are held after school 60 minutes and at weekends 90 minutes.
Dance Drama Lessons for kids - Singing Acting Classes.
Stagecoach reserves the right to make changes to the timetable, the teaching staff, the advertised programme or the programme delivery mechanism for clarity this may mean that we switch to online zoom classes in the event of illness or other circumstances beyond our control.
Better at Home Free Virtual Exercise Classes Activities for Kids. Better - The Feel Good Place. Open search. Memberships. What We Offer. Locations. Healthy Communities. About us. Breadcrumb Separator. Breadcrumb Separator. Facebook.com/better. BETTER. You
From cardio classes, like Zumba and HIIT to the more relaxed Meditation and Yoga, the range of virtual classes will both push you to your limits and leave you feeling energised and renewed. See belowhow to register and gain access to virtual classes on demand.
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Dance Inspired Classes. Strengthen Tone Classes. Indoor Cycling Classes. High Intensity Classes. Mind Body classes. Booking and General Information. Places on all classes are limited. Guests can book for all group fitness classes in advance online, in person or by calling 01483689111.
Fitness Class Timetables EDLC.
You are here. Fitness Class Timetables. Fitness Class Timetables. Please download our app using from the app store or google play. Timetables for fitness classes. NHS Vitality Classes. Information on Les Mills Classes. Leisure Centre Information. Download the EDLC App.
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Classes - Furzefield Leisure Centre.
Immersive cycling studio - Stages Flight. Our indoor group cycling studio brings Stages Flight, featuring immersive cycling classes, taking users on an individual cycling journey within a group environment enabling a full data and connected cycling experience in an immersed group studio setting.

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