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Intensive Definition of Intensive by Merriam-Webster.
a word that emphasizes or stresses something Quite" is an intensive in" quite a musician." in ten sive in-╦łten t -siv Medical Definition of intensive.: of, relating to, or marked by an extreme degree especially of dosage, duration, or frequency high-dose intensive chemotherapy intensive counseling for eating disorders.
Intensive word form Wikipedia.
In British English, the word well" can be used as an adjective intensifier when used to describe a noun, such as in the sentence, It's' well good" 6 The study done by James Stratton showed that intensive word form used in media closely resembles the usage in conversational British English.
INTENSIVE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
The soil has been so heavily leached through intensive farming that it is no longer fertile. The allies let loose an intensive artillery bombardment over the border. As agriculture became more capital intensive, many farm labourers moved to the towns and cities to look for work.
Intensive care definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
British English: intensive care NOUN / ntnsv k /. If someone is in intensive care, they are being given extremely thorough care in a hospital because they are very ill. She spent the night in intensive care after the operation.
Intensive Synonyms Collins English Thesaurus.
Explore intensive in the dictionary. adjective in the sense of concentrated. of or needing concentrated effort or resources. several days and nights of intensive negotiations. She makes a concentrated effort to keep her feet on the ground. We are making a thorough investigation.
Intensive Synonyms, Intensive Antonyms Merriam-Webster Thesaurus.
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